My interests

not an all inslusive list

slave training 



Medical roleplay

Nipple tease/torment

Bondage, including rope, leather restraints, plastic wrap, duct tape

Spreader bar training

Corporal punishment and discipline


Tease and Denial



OTK spankings

Watersports* including golden shower and enemas

Toy play

Foot, toe, pantyhose worship

Roleplays... too many to list

Verbal humiliation


Forced feminization, sissyfication

Breast growth/enlargement fantasies

Slave training

Trampling, ball busting


Wax play

Spanking bench discipline 

Tens style electric stimulation

Violet wand

Caged pet

… the list goes on... these are just some of the scenes I have experience in. I  possess the implements, toys and devices to enhance these interests.

I do not offer piercings or needles, no brown showers, scat or advanced infantilism. I do not participate in any scenes that intentionally draw blood. I do not allow my slaves any sexual favors. Do not assume you will be able to come in contact with my private regions.


picture yourself here

Medical room


So many devices


Hop up on the table patient




The front office isn't just for work. It can be an excellent setting for domestic discipline and roleplays



I have somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 leather bondage devices and cuffs

Special lighting


Along with two St. Andrews crosses, there are two spanking benches and a bondage table and more

What I expect of you

Be clean and sober

Don't drink excessively before our session. Kindly clean yourself as I will be close to you when using implements or delving out punishments. 

Don't be afraid to communicate your interests and limits

I am very good at reading reactions and body language in person but I can't read your mind. I won't be shocked by your kinks. Tell them to me. I am an excellent secret keeper! Don't be afraid of limits. They are completely acceptable and expected. Some medical issues or surgeries may be important for me to know. I will ask you if you have any medical issues before you are placed in bondage, restrained or have a gag placed in your mouth.

Email preferred! Do not call me and expect an instant session...

I keep a fairly busy schedule and don't answer my phone in social settings or in most public places and NEVER when I am in a session. I do volunteer work and help an older family member get to doctors appointments. You calling instead of emailing likely does not produce a quicker session. Current clients are welcome to call or text but I absolutely cannot promise I will answer right away. Keep in mind the call is only convenient for the caller. If you are really unable to email due to be 80 years old and having no computer then keep calling a couple of times a day or go to the library and use the email there!