Domina Katie

dominatrix in virginia beach

Dominating Hampton Roads 

for the last decade

Private, well equipped play space

Extensive collection of BDSM implements

curious about me?

I am Domina Katie, a professional Dominatrix located in Virginia Beach, Virginia. 

As I enter my 12th year as a pro Domme, I reflect on my history fondly. Before I knew the meaning of BDSM or even pictured myself as a Mistress, I was a confident young lady who enjoyed men falling all over my beauty and charm.  I noticed I had a way of getting what I wanted and I rarely took no for a answer. In high school, I kicked my boyfriend out of my car when he didn't want to drive to the store to fulfill my craving for apple juice. He was normally well behaved, accommodating and attentive. He had to walk home and you can imagine I had a gallon of apple juice on my front porch by the next morning with an apology note.  I continued training him. 

Fast forward to the mid 2000's I researched phone domination but didn't take the plunge right away. I read about  women who used submissive men  for their entertainment by giving them tasks. I started dominating in 2007 over the phone and web. I saw my first clients in 2008.  By 2009 I was acquiring more implements and considering leaving my vanilla career.  By 2010  I had created my own play room. Some of my first clips were even filmed there. I quickly outgrew that space and I opened my first dungeon in 2011.  I had a medical room framed into the warehouse. I started filming more clips and I was loving every minute. I had some very memorable sessions in my first space and still see many of those clients presently.

I traveled quite a bit to NC and DC in 2015 and 2016. I often played with Lady Hannah Bliss near DC. Lady Hannah has since retired. I  am still utilizing the sling stand I purchased from her along with several sissy outfits she gave me. 

I am 5'6" without heels on. I wear a size 9 shoe. 

Created in 2018, the current play space is the best yet! Lady X and I are partners. Our dungeon is amazing  because of  her incredible planning, determination, energy and management of the slave resources. 


My expansive play space features a St. Andrews Cross,  2 spanking benches, a CBT chair,  suspended sling, ceiling pulley with spreader bar, restraint table, inversion machine, leather sofa and medical clinic with authentic exam table. I am proud of my variety of BDSM implements and equipment acquired over many years. Each piece has a story. My medical table, with the appropriate stirrups, adds to my already high interest in medical roleplay. A vanity area  and dressing table are also nearby for those with fantasies involving lingerie , makeup and more. The office with vintage desk is great for teacher/ student roleplays.

 I love seeing new and current submissives. My outgoing personality and dominant nature will surely bring exciting new levels to your submissive experience. I will ask for your interests and experience pre-session to create a mutually beneficial experience. Do not be mistaken, you certainly cannot script the session. I do want your input and submissives are advised to be open when communicating with me. After experiencing my naturally dominant personality and my creativity you will wish you could serve in my presence daily. Imagine yourself in my play space. My womanly figure towering over you, beautiful blue eyes staring down at your submissive self.  I know you will be imprinted with that lasting memory. Do not wait any longer to explore your fantasies. 

I just love leather. It feels wonderful against my skin. We can see how it feels against your skin..
I just love leather. It feels wonderful against my skin. We can see how it feels against your skin..

About Me

Dominating Hampton Roads for the past decade


Experienced Dominatrix located in Virginia Beach, Virginia

Traditional OTK spankings, creative punishments, chastity and medical roleplay are among my many interests.

Delightful, devious Dominatrix

BDSM Dominatrix

I truly enjoy domination. It feels natural to me.

Fully equipped space




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